Sunday, January 5, 2014

Okmulgee State Park and Dripping Springs State Park

I have a new favorite camping spot.  It's at an old campground, built during Roosevelt's days of the WPA.  It has cool old rock picnic shelters, but it's been remodelled, too, with a brand new playground.  This park is super shady, and while it does not have shoreline sites, Okmulgee State Park does have breathtaking views of Okmulgee Lake.

There are several camping areas on the lake, and we stayed in the Red Oak area.  We really liked spot #28, and I'll also recommend spots #1-8, as they are near the playground.  Red Oak has a swimming hole, playground, showers, and plenty of shade.  It also has critters.  See below.

Our friends stayed at nearby Dripping Springs State Park, and when we visited, we were intrigued.  This park is where the fishermen stay.  It also has a playground and swimming hole.  It's pretty high on our list when our 2014 camping season begins.

If you want to stay at either of these parks, it's first-come, first-served.  There are no reservations.  You can call to see how full the parks are, though, at 918-756-5971.  You can also keep an eye on their Facebook page.  We'll be back to this hidden gem of a park, and I'll try to capture some of the beautiful views to share with you.