Monday, July 9, 2012

Twin Points on Skiatook Lake

Jokes about the name aside (heh heh,she said "points"), Twin Points Campground on Skiatook Lake is our favorite. It's far from town, it has a playground and boat dock, one can reserve a site online, and it's gorgeous. Skiatook Lake is the clearest and most picturesque of the lakes we visit.

Since we've been coming to this campground, there is one spot Hubby has been itching to book: Spot Twenty-Eight. Spot Twenty-Eight is pull-thru site at the highest elevation in the park. If any camp site can be private, this one is.  And the view, well, see above.  However pretty it may be, though, it is high up, with a steep, rocky incline to the lake. This made me a tiny bit nervous about our two-year-old daughter. She's a bit of a pistol. I needn't have worried. She had a blast, and she didn't fall off the cliff even one time!

Because this spot juts out into the lake, there's not much tree-shade. Luckily, the clever campground corp folks put a small tin shelter over the picnic table, so there's a bit of shade. If someone had aimed a camera at our lawn chairs for the entire weekend, watching our movement as we scurried after the shade would've been amusing.

I think Spot Twenty-Eight would be wonderful camp spot for adults to relax in, and leave your small children at home (with a babysitter, of course).  I loved the site, was so thrilled to catch the sunrises and sunsets from that vantage point, but I never truly relaxed. My momma spidey senses were on full alert, watching my little pistol.  Did I mention she's a bit busy?

If you want to camp and bring your kiddos, choose a site next to the playground! What's better than sitting in your lawn chair, relaxing under the shade of your canopy, and watching your kiddos on the playground? It's better than that old TV babysitter you use at home. ;)

Before I go: in case you're wondering how to reserve campsites online, our favorite way is through Here's the Twin Points site.

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