Friday, July 6, 2012

Keystone Lake - Fourth of July

We are at our favorite camping spot on on Keystone Lake. Keystone is definitely not the prettiest lake of those we visit, but our little private beach here makes that red-dirt water beautiful. Gotta get up early though, cause it's gonna be a hot one!

Our spot has full hook-ups, a huge yard, and it's free! Hubby and his dad set it up on the site where his grandparents home once stood. All that's left is their patio, where I sit right now under the sheltering shade of our camper's canopy. We have delicious well water if we need it, and access to a septic tank--which we shall definitely need!

Nearby is my in-laws home, where Granny keeps my kids and dog fed, and welcomes me graciously when the triple-digit weather is too much for my camper. Ah, the sweet bliss of A/C!

Our spot is home to a herd of nearly-tame dear. Grandpa feeds them twice a day. I don 't see them this morning, but I do hear the birds and the locusts, and the hum of a motorboat in the distance.

Speaking of motorboats, I think it's time to wake the kids and go for a swim!

One more thing: in case you don't have an awesome spot at the in-laws', here's a good state park on Keystone.

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